​Finally: How To Connect The Sony A7 To The New iPad Pro With An USB-C Cable And Import 4K Videos

Yesterday I wrote about how the amazing Sony A7 III and the just as amazing new iPad Pro just won‘t work together.

Well, once again Twitter saved the day. Florian suggested I try the MTP mode.

I read that tip before. But couldn‘t find an option to activate the MTP mode. But this time I didn‘t give up this easily.

In the camera settings under Setup4, the option USB Connection was greyed out. But I could activate it by deactivating Ctrl w/ Smartphone under Network1. Now there was finally an option to activate MTP.


After choosing MTP everything worked. RAW files? No problem! 1080p videos? No problem! 4K videos? No problem!



Update: Just to let you know, the transfer is rather slow. 2 minutes of 4K video take about 2 minutes to transfer via an Apple cable form the camera to the iPad. Still, better than nothing. 

How The Screens App Made Squarespace Usable On The iPad

I still remember the disappointment when I found out that Squarespace is unusable on an iPad. Yes, you can do simple blog posts with the Squarespace Blog app. But the app is terribly limited. You can't even arrange two images next to each other. Well, no problem, I thought, I just use the website.

But on an iPad the Squarespace online editor is completely unusable. Pages don't render correctly and drag & drop doesn't work.

Whenever I wanted to do something a bit more complex than super simple blog posts I had to go grab my Surface Pro 3. But now I found a solution!

Thanks to the Screens app and an old Macbook turned home server I can finally edit Squarespace and even create complex layouts.

That‘s what it looks like to edit a complex Squarespace website on an iPad with Screens:

No, it‘s not a very elegant solution. But it‘s better than nothing. At least till Squarespace finally fixes this problem and builds an app or an online editor that works on an iPad. It‘s 2018 for god's sake!

Through Glass And Out Of Moving Vehicles

We spent the weekend in the Swiss Alps in Scuol. An ideal place for some nice touristy photos. Especially of the beautiful castle of Tarasp. The shots that impressed me the most have one thing in common. Both were taken with the iPhone XS out of a moving vehicle and through the closed window. 

On the bus back from Ftan I noticed this amazing view. No time to grab the A7. No time to do manual settings. No time to open Halide. No time to avoid reflections. Just press the shutter on the iPhone and hope for the best. Done.  

I immediately forgot about the photo. I didn‘t expect much. Back at home the surprise: 

iPhone XS: No edits.

iPhone XS: With a bit of Lightroom magic.

The second shot I took on the train to Scuol. I just pressed the iPhone against the Window. Once again I didn‘t expect much. Maybe a nice souvenir of the castle of Tarasp. But nothing I would show anyone. The circumstances were just too bad. Really? 

iPhone XS: No edits.

iPhone XS: With a few edits in Lightroom.

iPhone XS: An auto creation by Google Photos.

As a bonus, I shot some more pictures on the way back. This time I was ready. I opened the train window in time and had my amazing Sony A7 III with the even more amazing 85mm GM within reach. Even though it was midday and the light everything but ideal the pictures turned out quite ok.

castle schloss tarasp rafael zeier
castle schloss tarasp rafael zeier
castle schloss tarasp rafael zeier