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My Spotify got hacked and I met the hacker

Recently I found a couple of strangers in my Spotify account. Since Spotify didn't want to tell me how they got in. I asked the intruders.


31 Essential Apps
for iPad

The iPad is my main work device and my favorite computer. These are all the apps that make it possible.

Visiting Apple Park and the Steve Jobs Theatre

I visited the 2017 iPhone launch at the new Apple Park. Here are some pictures I took at the Steve Jobs Theatre.

Apple Watch Series 3 Review

Here is what I learn by wearing the new Apple Watch and what it means for smartwatches in general. An ongoing review.

Interview with Google's Android Wear Boss

At the biggest trade show for watches I met Googles David Singleton. Here's what we talked about. 

15 Classic Adventure Games for iPad

If you loved point & click adventure games back in the 1990s. You'll love these games.

Visiting the TAG Heuer Smartwatch Factory

In March 2017 I was invited to see where TAG Heuer builds its smartwatch. Jean-Claude Biver showed me around.