Two Shades of Red

No, I really didn't like the red dot on the digital crown in my initial review of the new cellular Apple Watch. Turns out I wasn't the only one. The watch magazine Hodinkee and the Apple intimus John Gruber didn't like it either.

But as it turns out not all red dots are the same. 

At the official unveiling of the new Apple Watch at the Steve Jobs Theatre, I didn't get the opportunity to compare the red dots of the aluminum version with the one of the steel version side by side. I had the impression that they might be different. One plastic, one ceramic? But I wasn't sure. 

Today I could compare the two thanks to a colleague at work. The comparison clearly confirmed my suspicion. The red dot on the steel model is far nicer than the one on the aluminum Apple Watch. 

While the one on the cheaper Apple Watch looks like matte plastic the one on the steel watch is shiny, a little bit darker, and overall far less of a deal breaker. 

In the end, I still don't get the red dot. But if I had to choose between an aluminum and a steel Apple Watch the dot would be another reason to get the more expensive model.