Portrait Mode: iPhone X vs. Galaxy Note 8 vs. Huawei Mate 10 vs. Sony A7

My last camera comparison clearly showed all top-smartphones have top-cameras - even in low light. But what about portrait mode? Let‘s find out.

Sony A7 vs iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8 vs Mate 10

To add a little extra challenge to the comparison I once again took the same shots with my Sony A7. I cropped all the images so that focal length or the aspect ratio don’t give the camera away too easily. By the way I took all the pictures on a rainy day with less then ideal light and of course without a tripod. 

So let's compare! Can you spot the picture shot with the full frame camera?

Curiously the comparison with the truck turned out to be a challenge for all three phones. With the Mate, only the second picture turned out to be useful. With the iPhone and the Note, I had to switch off portrait mode completely to get the shot. Below you can see the failed attempts from all three phones. The wheels were apparently especially difficult for the software to get right. 


1st picture: A (iPhone X), B (Sony A7), C (Note 8), D (Mate 10) 

2nd picture: A (Mate 10), B (Note 8), C (Sony A7), D (iPhone X)

3rd picture: A (Note 8, portrait mode didn't work), B (Mate 10), C (Sony A7), D (iPhone X)

4th picture: A (Mate 10), B (Note 8), C (Sony A7), D (iPhone X)

5th picture: A (Mate 10), B (Note 8, portrait mode turned off), C (Sony A7), D (iPhone X, portrait mode turned off)

6th picture: A (Note 8), B (iPhone X), C (Mate 10)  

Once again I leave the conclusion to you guys. How difficult was it to spot the full frame camera? Which smartphone camera do you like best? Do you even have a favorite? Let me know on Twitter