​Finally: How To Connect The Sony A7 To The New iPad Pro With An USB-C Cable And Import 4K Videos

Yesterday I wrote about how the amazing Sony A7 III and the just as amazing new iPad Pro just won‘t work together.

Well, once again Twitter saved the day. Florian suggested I try the MTP mode.

I read that tip before. But couldn‘t find an option to activate the MTP mode. But this time I didn‘t give up this easily.

In the camera settings under Setup4, the option USB Connection was greyed out. But I could activate it by deactivating Ctrl w/ Smartphone under Network1. Now there was finally an option to activate MTP.


After choosing MTP everything worked. RAW files? No problem! 1080p videos? No problem! 4K videos? No problem!



Update: Just to let you know, the transfer is rather slow. 2 minutes of 4K video take about 2 minutes to transfer via an Apple cable form the camera to the iPad. Still, better than nothing.