Quick Comparison: Portrait Mode On iPhone X vs. Galaxy S9 vs. Huawei P20 Pro

Today I had a look at the portrait mode of the newest phones. With each phone I took about 5 pictures and chose the best one. Trust me that was necessary. 

Plus, I shot the same toy car with my semi-pro Sony camera at three different apertures. So you get a sense of what these smartphones can do compared to a real full frame camera. 

I also added the aperture value for every picture from the exif data. Apple and Samsung show the aperture of the second lens. Huawei uses the simulated aperture value. After looking at the pictures I don't think these numbers are very accurate or useful for software optimized photos.

Galaxy S9+ (Aperture: F2.4)

iPhone X (Aperture: F2.4)

Huawei P20 Pro (Aperture F0.9)

Huawei P20 Pro (Aperture F0.9)

Sony A7 III (Aperture: F1.4)

Sony A7 III (Aperture: F5)

Sony A7 III (Aperture: F16)