Astrophotography For A Beginner

Astrophotography For A Beginner

On a recent trip to the south of Switzerland, I was so impressed by the view that I just had to take a picture of the night sky. 

Since I had never done astrophotography before and I didn't feel like reading or watching any tutorials I just experimented with different settings on my Sony A7 III. 

Afterwards, I adjusted the brightness and other parameters in the official photo app on the iPad a bit. Et voila:

F1.8 2s 55mm ISO1250

F2 2s 55mm ISO2500

Not bad.

The next evening I noticed that Jupiter was especially bright that night. So I took a few shots with my 85mm lens just for fun. To my surprise I later discovered that you could even see two Jupiter moons when you zoomed in a bit:

F1.4 2s 85mm ISO640 Crop

F1.4 1/2 85mm ISO640 Crop

Not bad either.

Back at home I found this tutorial and imported one of the RAW files into Lightroom. That's what I came up with:

The original RAW file: F2 55mm 2s ISO3200

The tutorial version

My final edit

Not bad, not bad at all.

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