Peak Design Capture: Better Than A Camera Strap

Peak Design Capture: Better Than A Camera Strap


Are you looking for the perfect camera strap? So was I.

I once found a rather good one from a Turkish company called Redier that has since vanished from the internet. The strap is still perfect. But I needed a second one.

Everyone recommended me the strap from Peak Design. But I didn't like the idea of having those red things bouncing off my camera. But while browsing the Peak Design website I found the Capture. Some sort of a clamp that turns the strap of your rucksack or bag into a camera strap.

I was intrigued and ordered one. That was about a year ago.


I’ve been using it ever since. On bags, on belts, and on rucksacks. On foot, on bikes, on hikes, on the way to work, and through airports. In the snow, in the rain, and under the summer sun.

It never failed me.


The only thing I don't like about it is the fact that you need a hex wrench to attach and detach the plate to the camera. That takes too long if you want to quickly add another kind of plate and you always need that wretched wrench.


I  already have a solution. Why not use a screw like this? Too bad this screw I got from a UE Boom Speaker doesn‘t really fit the Capture plate. So how about it Peak Design?


Apart from that minor annoyance I love the Capture and would immediately buy it again.

You can get the Peak Design Capture at the official store, at Amazon Germany* or Amazon UK*.


*Affiliate Link

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