How To Create Beautiful Apple Watch Screenshots With Different Watch Bands 

I love taking screenshots of my Apple Watch Series 4 44mm. Too bad there isn’t an app to combine them with my favourite watch frames. Shortcuts to the rescue!

Back in October 2018 I built my first Shortcut to create beautiful Apple Watch screenshots. With a bit of help from someone from Reddit I released a second version with more watch bands soon after.

I was very happy with the Shortcut but not with the way you had to install it on your iPhone or iPad. Fortunately someone from Twitter helped me with that and the third version was finally very easy to install.


Over my Christmas holidays I added some more watch bands. So here is the latest version of my Shortcut with 16 different watches:

If you want more features (collages, GIFs, videos), you‘ll love the Pro version of this Shortcut Twitter user PastafariaSard single-handedly built:


PS: The Shortcut only works with Screenshots from an Apple Watch Series 4 44mm. Sorry! Would be too much work to add different watch/screen sizes.

PPS: Due to some strange iCloud bug the Shortcut doesn’t work very well on the iPad. Sorry!