Experimenting with the iPhone 8 Plus, Portrait Mode, Bokeh and the Slor App

Two weeks ago I published a little comparison between the iPhone 8 Plus and my Sony A7. To say I was blown away by the reaction would be an understatement. Thousands of visitors wanted to see the pictures. 

One of the visitors was the Danish developer Tobias Due Munk. He got in contact and showed me his App Slor. Now it was my turn to be blown away. 

Slor lets you adjust bokeh and focus of shots taken with the portrait mode of an iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 8 Plus. 

It‘s truly amazing to see how the iPhone records and saves depth information by playing and experimenting with the app. Obviously other companies like Samsung or Huawei have similar Foveon-like features built directly into their camera or gallery apps. But it's great to see Apple allow developpers this kind of access.

This little video shows how you can adjust focus and aperture: 

This video shows how you can adjust and fine-tune the bokeh: 

The App costs 3 Dollars and is highly recommended to everyone who loves portrait mode or wants to understand how it works and where it‘s limits lie. 


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Every Apple Watch band Apple released. Ever.

Every Apple Watch band Apple released. Ever.