Recommended App: Yoink improves Drag & Drop on iPad

Whe Federico Viticci released his iOS 11: iPad Wishes and Concept Video I obviously liked the idea of Drag & Drop. It has been on my personal wishlist for years. What I never thought about and therefore didn‘t get in the video was the shelf. Who needs that?

Well, it turns out I do.

Sometimes an App doesn’t support Drag & Drop and when you try to drop something into it nothing happens. You then have to go back and find another way to get that thing into the app you want or find another app. Happens to me way more often than I would like.

Sometimes I know I want to do something with a photo later. But I’m not sure yet what exactly. When I finally do I have to find that photo again.

All these problems are solved by shelf apps. They work just like a Desktop or a clipboard on a PC. You can drag all kinds of stuff into them for later uses.

I started using Yoink (3 Dollars) by an Austrian developer whom I discovered by chance on Twitter after he had problems getting his app approved by Apple and wrote about it.

Now the app is finally in the Appstore and on my iPad. I use it daily.

It‘s so useful I'm convinced Apple is gonna release something similar in the near future as an integral part of the next big iOS update. Until then I’m perfectly happy with Yoink.

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