Dear Apple, Please Bring The Old Astronomy Watch Face Back

I love the new features of watchOS 5, but there is one change I don't like at all. The astronomy watch face loses one of its most beautiful functions. 


In the old version you could easily fly to the moon and planets with the push of a button. Now you have to laboriously go to the settings and use the corwn instead.


Whenever I meet Smartwatch-sceptical watch fans I show them the many small details of the astronomy watch face and compare it to the early automatons in the watch museum in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

Even the greatest sceptics usually are at least a little bit impressed and have to admit that this is not only a gadget but also a watch. And that the watchmakers in Cupertino are well aware of the watchmaking tradition.

But also children, especially my son, love this watch face. "Daddy, I want to fly to the moon again!" he demands each time.  He'll be so disappointed when he finds out that that's no longer possible. 

Therefore I very much hope that the last word has not yet been spoken, and that the old astronomy watch face will at least be kept as an option.