How Siri Shortcuts Fix A Big iPhone Shortcoming

After the WWDC keynote I wasn‘t quite sure what to make of Siri Shortcuts. Are they going to fix my biggest problems with Siri or are they a complicated mess?

To find out, I did a little experiment. In the past I had some problems with the song recognition feature of Siri (Shazam). So I switched to Soundhound.


Using Siri Shortcuts I taught Siri to search for songs with Soundhound instead of using it's own search function.

As you can see it worked. Over the summer I will do more experiments with Siri Shortcuts. As of now, I think it might turn out to be super useful for super-users. For my mom? Not so much. 

Bonus question: How did Soundhound manage to implement a new feature that was only announced a few days ago? Is it maybe linked to some old API?